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How does TimeGuard actually work?

We believe that the employer has the right to know what a team member is doing while they are working, and has no right to know what...

Do you have mobile apps for tracking time?

Due to our program specific features the managers are aware of what the employees do while they are on work and are not allowed to...

  • TimeGuard is an easy and convenient online-tool for the companies that want to raise the efficiency of their work and to control all the activity.
  • TimeGuard is the only application which is able to create special notifications guaranteeing time tracking during the project execution process.
  • If you use TimeGuard in complex with other apps you are able to increase the efficiency of the employees working process. Also this will save your time and money.
  • No matter how careful you are you may digress on something. Time Guard application will watch your working process in order to guarantee the quality of your working process.